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In 2014 Sugar Brook Farms, our sales arm, merged with Family Fresh Pack, our manufacturing arm of operations.  The merging of our two businesses allowed us to streamline our processes, while increasing our efficiencies across the board.  As a team, we are excited to offer you the full line of Sugar Brook Farms and Kelly’s Kitchen items, but also bring to you a full array of cut and wrap products in addition to crumbled blue cheese.

Family Fresh Pack has been creating quality Wisconsin Cheese products since 1997.  From the familiar to the unique, we have a variety of items to please everybody.  Over the years our vast selection of products have grown from cold pack cheeses, to a robust selection of spreads, cheese balls and logs, deli cakes and chocolate cheese fudge. At Family Fresh Pack, we use only the finest Wisconsin Cheeses, source premier quality ingredients, and put the time and effort into the development of our products to ensure the highest standards of value. We pride ourselves on maintaining traditional cheese producing practices, while keeping current with market trends. 

The personnel at Family Fresh Pack consist of a knowledgeable team, with years of experience that can work with you to help customize specialty items pertaining to individual territories.  Family Fresh Pack is a known leader in producing private label items, while effectively marketing our own brands, Sugar Brook Farms and Kelly’s Kitchen. Please contact us directly with your private label and customized needs.

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