Where can I purchase Sugar Brook Farms® and Kelly’s Kitchen Products?

Our products can be found throughout the United States, in grocery stores, specialty cheese shops, and liquor stores. If you have a specific product you are looking for near your location, please contact one of our sales team members for further direction.

I would like to sell your products in my store, how do I go about this?

Please contact our National Sales Director, JP Longseth at john@sugarbrookfarms.com, or our National Sales Manager for a distributor list. He would be happy to assist you.

What types of pairings can you recommend for your products?

Our savory gourmet spreads are best served with pretzels, crackers, fresh vegetables or as a sandwich spread. Our sweet gourmet spreads are a refreshing addition to bagels, sugar cookies, graham crackers or for dipping fresh fruit. The Sugar Brook Farms® cheese balls and cheese logs ideally pair with your choice of crackers.

Kelly’s Kitchen Chocolate Cheese Fudge

Sugar Brook White Cheddar Cheese Spread

How long has Sugar Brook Farms® been around?

Based on requests from customers to recreate traditional cheese spreads, Sugar Brook Farms® was founded in 1995 with a limited product line. In 2005, the product line, including the new dessert balls, was re-introduced and has been growing ever since.

Once the product is opened, how long is your product good for?

If refrigerated and repackaged the product should last for 2 weeks.

Can I freeze your product?

Freezing our products is not recommended as we cannot guarantee the consistency of the product will be the same once thawed.